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Personal Environment Regulation for Enhanced Endurance and Survivability Presented to DARPA (June 2018)

Our flexible solution is designed to be a modular addition to existing equipment as well as to be built into new designs. 


This means it can be rapidly fielded to existing units as it is phased into service in next-generation equipment for issue. 


Our proven, patented tech is market-ready and the development arc to field is short and relatively inexpensive.

TO: Police Officers and Security Personnel

FROM: Simply Cool LLC President

DATE:23 July 2018 2022

RE: Thermal Control of Personal Environment


             Simply Cool LLC

      Technologies Division

        Personal Environment Regulator


The technology provides for heat and cold regulation across a broad spectrum of ambient temperatures and situations. From our basic entry-level thermal-controlled version to our "tacti-cool" fully equipped version, you can be sure to keep your cool while remaining safe, secure and totally on the grid.     


A modular addition to existing equipment that can be integrated into new designs.


Simply Cool LLC maintains a professional network of private and public-sector consultants and project managers we can bring to bear to staff, resource, and scale up any effort required.  


Today's LEO, Security, and Military operates under a heavy, restrictive, cumbersome equipment load.   The end result is the heat and weight of that load is often manifested in reduced effectiveness. 


By keeping them cool and comfortable, we give them back some of that lost effectiveness.   We reduce the risk of heat injuries, reduce recovery time, and increase the effectiveness of protective equipment in the field. 


By giving our warriors the ability to regulate his or her most immediate personal, physical environment, we increase mental acuity, endurance, and survivability in any battle space.


 We continuously improve the performance in the armor technology using steel, aramid, high density polyethylene and ceramic laminated with aramid, one of the lightest opaque armor materials.

Our glass and opaque materials suppliers have ballistic testing conducted by H.P. White Laboratories Inc, and other certified laboratories.

  • We have business partners with the appropriate NAICS codes and GSA Schedules to provide personnel, IT, and product specific services immediately.   

  • We can provide 24/7/365 support in the scientific, tech, and product arenas and including Simply Cool's DARPA TTO   Speaker,  President and Inventor. 

  • Through its partners, Simply Cool LLC also has access to an accredited SCIF in the Northern Virginia region.  

For more information on our personal climate regulation products, send a letter on Department Letterhead to:



Steve Place, President and CEO 

Simply Cool LLC HQ

12079 S. Robin Road, Gentry, Arkansas, USA 72734 (DoD Requests will forward to our Centreville, VA location)