Simply Cool's refrigerate cup holder upgrades can chill down to 28° Fahrenheit in about 4 minutes depending on the unit purchased.  Add WiFi LEDs for an added WOW factor !

Simple 2-wire hook-up. Most install in under 20 minutes.

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Wet Bar -  28° Coolers Installed 

WiFi Remote LED Option 



           Complete 28° Cooler w/Refrigeration  


     Maximum Chill !  28° Cooler from Simply Cool LLC.  Includes the prestigious and powerfully built patent pending billet upper unit with matching proprietary sealing ring. This unit cools your beverages using our proprietary science and technology to maintain your product at temperatures hovering the 28° mark.  Imagine how cool you'll be with an array of 28° Coolers in your kingdom! 

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  • Embedded RGB LED lighting Wifi controllable (iPhone, Android or Alexa and includes Remote Control),

  • Optional stand-alone single unit 

  • Upgradable to a multi-cooler kit easily handling four units on one control base unit     

  • Two Cooling methods to chose   

  • Simple connection w/Aerospace grade wire and Molex connectors

  • Proprietary thermal coating

  • Yeti-type containers fit nicely into 28° units as do standard cans, bottles up to 24 oz.

  • Optional Laser Etched Logo (you provide the art work)

  • Anodizing in a variety of colors 

  • Optional Copper plating*

  • Gold plating*     ( * Special Order requires 50% deposit)  

    • Available with Jewel Inlay     

    • Custom Designs Available   

      • NOT FOR AIRCRAFT USE -- PENDING FAA STC Cert. or may install in Experimental.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

YOUR LOGO laser Engraved

Custom Laser Etched


Golf Car Model G-300 

Do the math.   Many courses don't allow you to bring your own beverages.  Why?  They want to sell you their $6.00 to $8.oo versions at the Club House while you eye that new set of clubs they have for sale. 

With our ultra-secret COVERT COOLER, you save about $95 per 24 pack of adult beverages...the difference between buying at your local store v. Club House prices and you bring what YOU want, not what they want to let you have!  

The second advantage of the Covert Cooler is it's ability to keep and cool beverages well past the 18th hole!   As a new addition to the Simply Cool 28° Cooler line-up, the Covert Cooler has the cooling ability to keep your food and beverages ice cold without all the ice and mess. 


The Covert Cooler simply attaches via 2 wires to your cart's 12vDC power supply and within minutes, you have a hidden refrigeration system that only you know about. 

We take the G-300 seat storage compartment, modify it by adding our thermal components and insulation for a near-factory appearing "box".   You'd have to know it was there to ever see it.

No more supplying cold drinks to that one guy that forgets everything except his thirst.   With the Covert Cooler, you decide who to tell and who to share your treasure with back on the 9th hole where provisions  often become scarce.   You didn't get where you are by always following the rules, did you?

Order yours today and let's be cool about this.  We don't want everyone knowing about it, do we?

      COVERT COOLER  $249 ex.       $299 outright.    


Golf Ball at hole.jpg

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