The Simply Cool Team

Simply Cool. "That's Pretty Cool"

We started out making cool containers to keep your beverages colder than ice in outdoor environments.  From there it evolved into first responder long range rescue containers for medicines requiring a controlled temperature where there might not be electricity or available ice.    From there, we detoured into an automotive racing application and an outdoors pack for extended camping and hiking.    

We produce custom designed products using CNC technology with the crazy idea of 24k Gold plating upon request.    When I say we make cool stuff, cooler.  I mean, we make it cool !     

Making cool things for cool people.


K. Steve Place is the inventor of the 28° cooler and CEO of Simply Cool LLC.

All around a pretty cool guy.


Nanette is the head of financial matters for the company.  She handles the paperwork for all our suppliers, sub-contractors and lunch tabs.


As the Simply Cool HR Director, Liz understands what we need, when we need it and especially the type of person it takes to get it done.  Whether we need an assembler, a polisher or a head bottle washer, she has the skills to accomplish the task.   Rumor is, she makes a great BBQ sandwich and Baked Bean lunch.   Rumor is she carries a switchblade in her back pocket.  

Liz, comes to Simply Cool with a strong backgorund in reading people and dealing with the public on a daily basis. Do not get on her bad side. She likes to throw things.


Mr. Maritime comes to Simply Cool from the global world of maritime life.   His extensive overseas travel, associations and intelligence makes him the perfect person to handle all your maritime needs.  He's a big guy and gosh darn it, people like him.  He's the Go-To guy for all our DOD and other Virginia-based stuff. 

World-Class experience and extensive knowledge of things that float on water.


When he's not working on our website, John ensures supply chain quality to keep Simply Cool LLC products on the shelves.  Loves the taste of fine Irish Whisky.  

Complex problems seem simple when you stay cool


Michael comes to Simply Cool LLC with a strong background in electrical applications and related fields.   He figures out the + and the - wires and other little do-dads to make our products turn cold.   This is the only photo we could get of Michael.    

Michael Guidry

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